God's Story - Kurmanji of Turkey and Syria

The eternal God created mankind to live together with him in his glory. God is great and knows everything. In his wisdom and knowledge, he knew beforehand what would happen: people would use their freedom of choice (the gift of a free will) to rebel against their creator. This rebellion, called sin, spoiled the relationship between God and man. From that time on, people were separated from God.
But the sovereign God loves mankind, and prepared a way to restore relationship with them. He himself came into this world to become the Saviour for all people.

The  video, Plana Xwedê (original title: God's Story: From Creation To Eternity), shows step by step how God prepared a way for mankind, from the time of Adam to the prophets until the promised Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

Come and watch this video in Kurmanji!