The New Testament - Kurmanji of Turkey and Syria

2000 years ago, the New Testament was written in the Ancient Greek language. Why was this language chosen? At that time, the Greek language was the most important language of the Roman Empire, one that many other people besides Greeks spoke. It was the “language of the world” at that time.

The followers of Jesus the Messiah decided to use this language in order to spread the Gospel, because the Gospel was not only given for one people group but for all people. May all people groups and nations hear about the love of God in a language that they understand.

Here you can read online or download the whole New Testament in Kurmanji-Kurdish - for personal use only. The New Testament contains 27 “books” (that is, the writings of men led by God’s Spirit). All of these books teach about the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah and the “New Covenant” that Jesus established.